RELAX - Help is at hand
RELAX - Help is at hand

How I Can Help You

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The relationship that you have with yourself is the most important one of all

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 My approach to Couples Counselling   

Does your relationship need some help?


Couples often come for therapy when it's too late as too much water has passed under the bridge. Couples counselling can give you and your partner the opportunity to understand each other at a deeper level, which can possitively transform your relationship. Being understood in any relationship is the key to happiness. Sometimes relationships sadly need to end and counselling can also provide a way to help achieve a possitive ending. This can be hugely benefitial, especially when children are involved, as this can reduce the emotional pain of the divorce process.


If you believe that your relationship is worth fighting for, then I would be delighted to help you and your partner find a positive way forwards. What have you got to loose?



Couples often come for therapy when it's too late. Don't be that couple. 

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